My favorite story is a love story. I believe love is the most interesting human phenomenon because of the power it wields in nearly every human's life, yet we don't know much about how it works. Everyone's true love is different, yet everyone's true love is instantly recognizable. Coming from a background in narrative filmmaking, writing and telling a story of two characters' love is an incredible experience, but sometimes, the best stories are the ones that cannot be written.

That's why it's your story.

I've been telling stories with a camera since I was ten years old, making skits for the early days of YouTube with friends. As I grew older, I focused on writing and directing short films before going on to study Film/TV Production at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Since 2016, I've experienced over 100 couples' unique love stories, working under other photographers until ultimately starting my own wedding filmmaking business in 2018.

Through a passion for love and cinema, I will capture your wedding day naturally and candidly, highlighting the special moments you may not realize are happening. 

Outside of weddings, I served as a Photo Assistant and Set Photographer at SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE from 2018-2023, with photographs published across myriad publications such as the WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, INSIDER, VARIETY, PBS, THE ATLANTIC, and ROLLING STONE. Additionally, I write and direct my own short films, which have garnered international recognition and distribution deals from successful film festival circuit runs. Finally, I'm getting married this year--so I completely understand everything you are going through. Hang in there. 
Thank you for watching my work, I hope to be in touch soon.
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